StrongZyme™ conjugates are essentially smaller than respective anti-species
IgG PolyHRP(40) conjugates, our older #GAMP40 and #GARP40 items. Nonetheless,
in detection of bound specific Mouse and Rabbit IgGs they perform
almost equally strong, also in ELISA. This makes them ideal detection
reagents not only for very sensitive IHC staining and CISH but also for High
Sensitivity Blotting, ELISPOT and MicroArray/Chip applications.

For e.g. HS Blotting dilute StrongZyme™ conjugate 1:50 - 1:250. Use UDBS as
diluent of choice when aiming at clean detection without background.

AmpliStain™ and AmpliStain OPEN™, SnakeLinker™, Nude HRP™, HistoLinker™,
StrongZyme™ and Ready to Use RESERVE™ are Trademarks of SDT.