AmpliStain OPEN™ - novel detection systems for ImmunoHistoChemistry (IHC)
and Colorimetric In-Situ Hybridization (CISH) - from the original developer
and sole manufacturer of the PolyHRP Conjugates

Launched in 1990, PolyHRP predated dextran and other backbone polymeric
conjugates. However, PolyHRP was developed primarily for UltraSensitive ELISA
and is not applicable in IHC staining protocols as it can not permeate into
tissue sections because of its larger size. With PolyHRP as such SDT has
regretfully been longer time inactive in addressing IHC marketplace needs.
While belatedly, now we offer a comprehensive line of the enhanced detection
products for the most demanding IHC applications. We are sure that a long way
made by AmpliStain™ and StrongZyme™ in reaching IHC customers will be paid
off by the excellent high quality performance of our products along with
their well recognized consistency, stability and robustness.

We offer products for 1-Step immunostaining (read more)

OPEN™ stands not only for Oligo-Polymer Enhancement, but also has a
direct meaning.

Taking into consideration diversity of routine clinical diagnostic and
experimental research IHC applications along with very different customer work
traditions we supply all AmpliStain™ reagents with no fixed use instructions.
AmpliStain™ is an open system suggesting unrestricted variety of tailored
custom protocols optimized by ImmunoHistoChemists addressing their specific
needs. All AmpliStain™ reagents supplied in Ready to Use RESERVE™ format,
i.e. at maximum working strength for High Sensitivity detection of the most
challenging - rare, low-abundance and/or hidden antigens using fast 10-15-min.
incubation protocols - also with weak, low affinity primary antibodies.
With many regular, well accessible / abundant antigens and/or within longer
incubation protocols AmpliStain™ reagents can be diluted to the smaller
working strength concentrations that will still ensure highly sensitive
detection. For that reason, along with AmpliStain™ reagents, we offer
Universal IHC Diluent/Blocker/Stabilizer (#UDBS, a separately available item)
as a complementary support product that can be used for diluting of all
StrongZyme™ conjugates and, if wanted, primary antibodies.

UDBS description

Useful links and relevant publications:

Signal amplification in immunohistochemistry: Loose-jointed deformable
heteropolymeric HRP conjugates vs. linear polymer backbone HRP conjugates

by Igor Buchwalow et al.

in Acta Histochemica

Volume 115, Issue 6, July 2013, Pages 587594

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AmpliStain™ and AmpliStain OPEN™, SnakeLinker™, Nude HRP™,
StrongZyme™ and Ready to Use RESERVE™ are Trademarks of SDT.