We have continuously been perfecting all our featured products through rigorously
controlling raw materials, steadily polishing our basic production processes and
rationalizing QC release procedures and protocols.

If we are not content with performance of our product or see drawback restricting its
potentially wider application, we will try to improve this product or create a new
related product addressing recognized need.

For instance, we know that our p(HS)TMB, while basically utilizable in ELISPOT and
micro-chip systems, is not yet optimal for said applications. So we currently run a
development program that is aimed at designing newer p(HS)TMB version for micro-
chip, ELISPOT and IHC applications.

Novel products in development are e.g. doped SPMP nano-conjugates featuring
enhanced magnetic susceptibility (MS) for analytical applications.

Send a request to dp@sdt-reagents.de, if you have an interest in this type of reagents.
Smaller trial samples of Streptavidin-SPMP-EMS 200 nm conjugates may be released
for experimental evaluations.