All prices of our products displayed in online catalogue on the web are EXW prices.

We ship from

Pascalstraße 17
52499 Baesweiler

Phone: +49(2401)606870

WICHTIG!: unser Fax ist abgeschaltet!

IMPORTANT!: our fax number is decommissioned!

Purchase orders can be placed with SDT only per e-mail. Please send your official PO to

We welcome official POs arrived in the plan text of the regular E-Mail message - no need in PDF or DOC attachment!


-       purchase order number/code for your and for our reference

-       your name and/or name of a contact person for delivery

-       name of your firm/institution

-       complete street shipping address

-       your telephone number (MUST for International Orders)

-       your account number with shipping carrier of your preference (strongly
       recommended for International Orders, see infra)

-       your VAT identification number (EU Orders)

-       your Tax ID number for Customs purposes (GST/RFC/IN/EIN; may help to accelerate
      custom clearance e.g. at central FedEx sorting facilities in the United States)

-       proper product name with online catalogue code, quantity/volume
       and price at time of placing order

-       complete invoicing (billing) address

-       email address of your Accounts Payable for directly submitting electronic commercial invoice as an attachment in the printable PDFormat

E-mailed orders arrived as suggested above will be processed as confirmed purchase orders.

If you have questions concerning suggested order you would like to place with us or want to request a
specific quotation, please send your inquiry to

We will confirm per reply E-mail entering your purchase order and let you know preliminarily scheduled ship date.

German and EU orders -
Shipping out within the EU will be scheduled Monday (or - at the latest - Tuesday) next
week, if PO has arrived BY WEDNESDAY 15:00. Later Wednesday, Thursday and Friday orders
will be scheduled for shipping Monday over the next week.

US and Canada orders, other overseas and/or non-EU orders including orders from Switzerland, Norway and UK -
Shipping out will be scheduled Monday (or - at the latest - Tuesday) next week, if PO has arrived BY TUESDAY 3:00 pm.
Later Tuesday orders and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday orders will be scheduled for shipping Monday over the next week.

In the event we can not dispatch ordered material beginning next
week after entering your confirmed official purchase order, we will try to do
our best in coordinating with you next acceptable shipment release date.
Orders arrived with URGENT / Please ship ASAP / DRINGEND / EILT request will
be processed ASAP, provided that current schedules permit this possibility.
Non-Monday PO release within the same calendar week on which PO has arrived
as well as dispatching the later Thursday and Friday orders on Monday or Tuesday
next week is subject to applying extra ASAP PO processing fee (Express Surcharge / Eilzuschlag).

We ship EXW/FCA Baesweiler, Germany.

Your Account Number with Federal Express, UPS, TNT, DHL, other shipping
carrier of you preference will apply as per EXW/FCA delivery terms with bill
to the consignee.

If we do not have your Acc. # with forwarder you work with, we will ship via UPS (German/EU orders) or
FedEx/DHL (overseas orders) at our account; estimated Freight, S&H will be added to commercial invoice.

International orders/shipments:

We strongly recommend giving us your preferred courier Acc. # along with
your custom identification number in order to facilitate export deliveries and for direct
billing of collected import duties/taxes, if applicable in your country.

We will e-mail you the AWB/Tracking # at date of shipment.

It is consignees responsibility to notify SDT in advance of all import permits and
certifications, if these are required for custom clearance in your country.

All products we sell are for in vitro research or further manufacturing use only not for
therapeutic, food or drug use - not for use in or on humans or animals.

We are not responsible for possible improper or erroneous use of our product after
purchasing it by buyer, as well as for any consequence thereof.

We are not responsible for any patent infringements with the use or derivation of our

Pricing for all our products and services is subject to change without notice.
For currently effective prices please refer to our on-line catalogue on the web -

Payment Terms are Net 30 days from invoice date. Credit limit may apply to
high value orders.

Overdue payments are subject to a late payment charge
of 2% per month from the date payment is due. We
may suspend shipping ordered material if customer's account is more than 30
days past due.

Advance payment based on PFI applies to the new international orders (new customers).

No credit cards and/or bank checks will be accepted.
Wire transfer is the only payment method we accept.
All invoices are in EUR, if not otherwise indicated. Our bank data for wiring is included
with invoices. ALL wiring fees MUST be paid by Your bank including receiving bank
fees. Our account must receive the FULL invoice value. Please make sure with your bank that
the full sum you put on the wire will arrive to our account.