as of 23.11.03

Special discount belles lettres offer.

We are collecting Application Notes and other ad materials for this web site.

Everyone who gives us a published Article or originally written Application Note
(with PolyHRP or other our products) that we can include on our web site or use as a
reference or link will receive distributors level 20% discount from the list price on
any ordered item. This offer is effective for one purchase order per one provided
Article and is limited to amounts of PolyHRP conjugates within (inclusive) 10
milligrams and Diluents/Blockers/Stabilizers and TMB Substrates within 2 Liters per
single purchase order.

Product citation in published article (in e.g. Materials and Methods section) shall
not necessarily be referred to SDT labeled product, it could be respective product
purchased under the label of RDI or Sanquin/CLB Reagents or
Endogen/Pierce/Perbio and their distributors (any mentioning of POLY-HRP or
Poly-HRP or poly-HRP will with high probability stand for PolyHRP, frequently
without disclosing SDT as original producer)

Already identified by SDT publications are listed in References to current web
PolyHRP Application Note

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