AmpliStain™ 1-Step detection systems are composed of single reagents
comprising StrongZyme™ Goat anti-Mouse, Goat anti-Rabbit and Rabbit anti-Goat
conjugates made of specially engineered decarboxylated High Density
Nude HRP™ di-, tri- tetra- and pentamers covalently coupled to the affinity
purified anti-IgG(H+L) antibodies using proprietary SnakeLinker™ technology.

Decarboxylation decreases hydrodynamic radius of HRP so that carbohydrate
reduced Nude HRP™ molecules become smaller in size. Application of the long
flexible linkers yields loose-jointed conjugate design. These factors make
StrongZyme™ conjugates both exceptionally active in detection and good at
penetration - they have very strong enzymatic signal-generating moiety and at
the same time are compact, flexible and agile. StrongZyme™conjugates
easily overcome diffusion limitations enabling very sensitive detection of
the most challenging low-abundance and hidden nuclear markers. They feature
enhanced detection activity with Mouse, Rabbit and Goat primary antibodies.
In the direct comparisons AmpliStain™ 1-Step / StrongZyme™ is more sensitive
than existent competitor's polymer detection systems.

AmpliStain™ Essentials

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Comparison of AmpliStain™ #AS-M1-HRP with EnVision™+ in staining Ki-67 and KL1. AmpliStain™ still gives intensive staining with three times smaller working concentration of primary antibodies.
AmpliStain™ and AmpliStain OPEN™, SnakeLinker™, Nude HRP™,
StrongZyme™ and Ready to Use RESERVE™ are Trademarks of SDT.