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Trial (#CCT 10-24) and Production (#CCP 25-49 ... #CCP 100+) Custom PolyHRP Conjugations


Code #

Price ( € )

(4-5-)10-24 mg*  #CCT (4-5-) 10-24  5622,70(per conjugation)
25-49 mg*  #CCP 25-49  222,20/mg*
50-99 mg*  #CCP 50-99  193,10/mg*
100+ mg*  #CCP 100+  168,10/mg*

* Starting amount of specific material for labeling

The effective pricing assumes that starting material for conjugation is delivered to us freshly prepared in a coupling buffer
as per our specification (that may differ for IgG, F(ab')2, peptide antigens, etc.).

  mg Antibody: concentration of IgG and/or F(ab')2 (mg/ml, based on A280nm, E1% = 14) x Volume
  mg Antigen: concentration (total protein, mg/ml) by Lowry, Bradford, ABC, etc. x Volume

QC: €500 per one custom conjugate

Please note that above pricing in part of Production Custom Conjugations (CCP20-...100+) is effective only for Antibody-PolyHRP
conjugates. Specific production costs with certain peptide/rec. and/or native antigens can significantly differ from our expenditures
on antibody labeling. Therefore specific price of the CCP antigen labeling is subject to specific quotation.

results per page:
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