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ep(HS)TMB-mA is a novel, one component stable enhanced precipitating TMB
Substrate especially designed for the microArray applications. It produces
smaller, clearly shaped colored 1e-oxidized TMB precipitate at the sites
of the HRP activity. Colored product features higher density and perfect
adhesion and grip on the porous (3D) and non-porous (2D) surfaces of the
different solid phase materials used as reactive matrices/supports in the
diverse heterogeneous binding assays of the modern MicroChip format.
ep(HS)TMB-mA is a High Sensitivity product applicable in:

- Microchips / planar multiplex arrays
- fine micro-blotting
- ELISPOT assays

ep(HS)TMB-mA, enhanced stable precipitating 1-component TMB
Substrate for High Sensitivity microArray applications, 100% aqueous formula,
                                                                                                   #epTMB-mA        Material Safety Data Sheet

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