PolyHRP had been synthesized first time in Russia in 1987. First commercial product emerged in the West was Streptavidin-PolyHRP20. It was purchased from SDT by Belgian firm Sotramo International NV and had been introduced in Janssen Biochimica Catalog under the name Streptavidin-(HRP)18-20 in 1991.

After splitting biochemical business of Janssen, PolyHRP became an item sold through former Janssen distributors and customers (RDI, Accurate Chemical & Scientific Corp., CLB).

Currently our products and services are available in the United States and worldwide through Fitzgerald Industries International:

Fitzgerald Industries International
Suite 1A North, 30 Sudbury Road
Acton, MA
01720 USA
Phone: 1.978.371.6446
Fax: 1.978.371.2266
USA Toll Free: 1.800.370.2222
E-mail: antibodies@fitzgerald-fii.com
Website: www.fitzgerald-fii.com

Funakoshi Co. Ltd is an exclusive distributor of our reagents in Japan:

Funakoshi Co. Ltd
9-7 Hongo 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan
TEL: 81-3-5684-1620
FAX: 81-3-5684-1775
E-mail: reagent@funakoshi.co.jp
Website: www.funakoshi.co.jp

Streptavidin-PolyHRP20, 40 & 80 are being offered by several other larger VAR/OEM customers and their distributors under different generic names, with no indication of specific HRP polymerization grade. A number of Life Science Research and IVD manufacturing companies and immunoassay test kit assemblers have been utilizing Streptavidin-PolyHRP conjugates in many Ultra-Sensitive and High Sensitivity ELISA and ELISPOT test kits (primarily for cytokines) and e.g. HIV 4G test kits (donor blood screening), friquently with no disclosure of polymeric nature of "Streptavidin-HRP" conjugate used in the kit.

For details on how to place a purchase order directly with SDT(non-Japanese customers) please refer to the General Ordering Information section.