Streptavidin (polymeric) Glucose Oxidase conjugates are synthesized of highly
purified microbial (Aspergillus niger) Glucose Oxidase and supplied as stable at +4°C
liquid formulations.

Streptavidin - Glucose Oxidase, stock 1 mg/ml solution 
stabilized +4°C SA-GOD formulation 
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Streptavidin oligomeric (x5) Glucose Oxidase
stock 1 mg/ml solution
stabilized +4°C SA-PolyGOD5 formulation   

Streptavidin polymeric (x20) Glucose Oxidase
stock 1 mg/ml solution     
stabilized +4°C SA-PolyGOD20 formulation 

SA-GOD, SA-PolyGOD5 and SA-PolyGOD20 can be used in glucose and oxygen
sensing, electrochemical ImmunoSensors, single-layer and multilayer thin-film
Immunoassays, peroxide-tunnelling Immunoassay systems and IHC (double
immunostaining) applications.

Auxiliary products ideally compatible with SA-PolyGOD conjugates are the following

ready-to-use products -

- Universal Casein Diluent/Blocker #UCDB

- SA-PolyHRP Stabilizer #SA1

- SA-PolyHRP Stabilizer RHT (Realtime High Temperature) #SA3-RHT

intermediate products -

Casein Buffer Concentrate 1 #CBC1

Click here for suggested ELISA test using SA-GOD conjugate.